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Duty and responsibilities

Duty and responsibilities
The relation between company and customer is the service, inluding the enterprise’s getting to know customer’s demand, offer all kinds of reasonable methods to make customer satisfied.
Customer-oriented, customer satisfaction is the source of the enterprise value. Making great efforts to provide the customer with all around, individualized and professional products and service is our unyielding pursuit.

Responsibility to the staff
Our company is our staff’s home, the foundation of career development, the stage of self-actualization. Staff is the footstone and blood of the company. Company is responsible for the staff, and staff is dedicate to the company, develop for the company, in order  to grow together. Talents are the important resources of a company. We ensure every talent has his/her own career development stage with sense of equality, matching pay-off. We select talent according to his/her achievements and contribution to our company and his /her ethics and integrity.

Responsibility to the society
As an ambitious company, since date of establishment, we return to society with gratitude, actively take part in the social welfare undertaking, such as mass education, Red Cross, Disaster relief, and these are also the social value of our company.